• An Outline Planning Application.
  • Approximately 3000 new homes.
  • New Community Facilities.
  • Up to 30% affordable housing provision.
  • New Primary School Provision.
  • Major infrastructure improvements.
  • Public access to newly restored historic parkland.
  • New road link from A512 to A6
  • 16 Hectares of mixed employment use.
  • High quality environment, with enhanced wildlife corridors.
  • Network of pedestrian and cycle routes.
  • Good public transport links.

Persimmon Homes and William Davis have appointed a project team to help prepare a masterplan and planning application, to carry out the necessary environmental, design and traffic analyses.
The Team :
>Planning Consultants (RPS)
>Environment / Landscape & Master Plan (FPCR)
>Transport & Access (WYG)
>Heritage (Heritage Collective)
>Flood Risk (PBA)

Charnwood Borough Council has prepared a growth strategy for the Borough that will run up until the year 2028. This growth strategy is set out within the Charnwood Borough Council’s emerging Core Strategy.

The new Core Strategy illustrates how the Borough will grow sustainably and enhance the local environment for residents and visitors. It will set out how and where much needed new jobs and homes will be located across the Borough and how the wider environment will be protected and enhanced to play a key role in creating a better environment for everyone.

A key element of the Borough’s growth strategy is to deliver a new sustainable urban extension to the west of Loughborough as illustrated in the image below. This will build on the strengths of Loughborough and help accommodate the needs of both the town and residents.

A planning application is currently being prepared by William Davis and Persimmon Homes to deliver the Council’s requirement for an urban extension and your views are sought on how this can be best achieved.

Following this consultation your comments will help shape the emerging application and will be reported in a Statement of Community Involvement that will be submitted alongside the planning application, due for submission early 2014. The Council will formally consult on the application once submitted and before it is determined.