The agricultural areas of the Park are currently under intensive arable use and lacking in features of particular landscape value. Converting a proportion of the arable fields to species rich grazing pasture with avenues of parkland trees would be hugely beneficial. Enhancing the local landscape and views to provide a focus for recreation.

The proposed road will respect the historic parkland setting and its existing buildings. Linking with Ashby New Road opposite the allocated Science Park, the road will run parallel to the M1 corridor north to minimise impact upon the park and its historic buildings.

The proposed road could either:
>Echo the character of a parkland estate driveway: gently contoured; single carriageway (7.3m wide); unlit; soft verges and free from highways signage.
>Or alternatively, it could be sunk into a cutting and screened by woodland.

Beyond the Registered Park, most of the area primarily consists of large scale intensively farmed fields. Whilst there is no statutory landscape or nature conservation designation covering the area, the masterplan will respect the existing woodland, hedgerows, public rights of way and wildlife corridors which will form the basis for the Green Infrastructure framework. In particular, features such as Pear Tree Lane and Hathern Drive will be protected and enhanced.

> The provision of the restored Registered Park and the creation of Hathern Hill Community Park, will retain separation between Loughborough and Shepshed.
> Green Infrastructure, structural woodland planting alongside the M1 corridor, and the ridgeline to the north of the development, will maintain the individual character of Loughborough, Shepshed and Hathern.
> Garendon Common will become the focus for community uses, incorporating the Black Brook, areas will be provided for both sports fields and wildlife. Fields beyond to be retained within agricultural uses.
> Hathern Hill would be retained as a local landmark which could provide other community park uses including informal recreation and allotment gardens.
> Open views will be retained from the hilltop whilst avenues will create key vistas throughout the proposed development.
> New housing will be located away from the existing pylons and overhead power-line across the site. The open corridor could be used for a range of uses including allotments and attenuation ponds.