>A mixed use development – this will reduce the need to travel to other locations outside of the site.
>Create a place that is designed around the needs of people, not cars.
>Homes to be within 400m walking distance of a bus stop – a 5 minute walk
>Thoughtful location of new facilities and public space to provide services within both walking and cycling distance.
>Development of ‘smarter travel choice’ initiatives including personalised travel plans for residents and car share schemes as measures to help residents and visitors to use their cars less.
>Provision of high quality pedestrian and cycle connections to provide links to Loughborough and Shepshed
>Three vehicular access points will be provided – A512 Ashby Road, A6 Derby Road, Hathern Road.
>Provision of a new strategic road through the site between the A512 Ashby Road and the A6 Derby Road. This will provide traffic relief through the centre of Loughborough
>Pedestrian and cycle links for existing adjacent residents to enjoy the Park.

Preliminary modelling work using Leicestershire County Council’s traffic model has already been undertaken by Charnwood Borough Council to inform their emerging Core Strategy.
The modelling work identified a series of mitigation measures including walking, cycling, public transport and targeted highway improvements where there is a residual car demand.
Further detailed modelling work based on 3200 homes (above 3000 for robustness of assessment) is being undertaken to identify the impact of the proposed development and help identify the improvements required.

>Providing an effective transport system and genuine transport choice is fundamental to the success and attractiveness of the West of Loughborough site as a place to live and work.
>There will be a variety of travel choices for those travelling within and to/from the site.
>These transport options will be reliable, regular, affordable, safe and convenient.
>Walking, cycling and use of public transport will take priority over car-use
>Schemes will be developed to support and encourage residents to use cars less.

The proposed development will be well connected with good public transport services to integrate with the immediate local area, including:
Loughborough town centre, Shepshed, Gorse Covert Centre, Bishop Meadow Industrial Estate, the University, & Science Park and the proposed Dishley Grange Business Park as well as the proposed science park extension.

>Improvements to bridleways, paths and cycling routes to provide new and improved connections to the countryside, local facilities, employment areas, schools and Loughborough and Shepshed town centres.
>Creating well defined streets and spaces which are attractive and user friendly providing safe, direct, accessible routes for pedestrians and cyclists.
>Provision of high quality and frequent bus services to key destinations in Loughborough, Shepshed and the wider area.
>Street hierarchy where people are given priority over cars and where local residential streets have a speed limit of 20mph.
>A well designed community hub with high quality streets and spaces that are safe and pedestrian friendly.
>Pedestrian and cycle access to the Park for residents of the site and for all adjacent Loughborough, Hathern and Shepshed residents.